Olga Paris-romaskevich

Séminaire de la détente mathématique

I am a mathematician. I work at CNRS and in Mathematics Institute in Marseille, interested in the study of dynamical systems. I am science mediator, especially through art. With the association Vagabond Mathematics that I co-founded, we create chalk art in the streets of Lyon. I am a storyteller, with particular interest in filmmaking, and have an experience with editing, script writing and directing. I am a feminist.I am happy to be part of SNCS (National syndicate of researchers), SMF (Société Mathématique de France) and Femmes et mathématiques. I am a member of EMS Raising Public Awareness Committee and a member of scientific council of IMéRA.If you are interested in some of my endeavours (research, outreach and art), subscribe to my newsletter! (which is mostly in French and sporadically in English).

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Université d'Aix-Marseille
Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille (I2M)
39, rue Frédéric Joliot Curie
13453 Marseille Cedex 13

Mail: write to me

Here are math community initiatives that I am proud to have been a part of.

Recreational mathematics seminar in LYON (OR la détente)

Séminaire de la détente mathématique

Recreational mathematics seminar (known as Séminaire de la détente) started as a weekly seminar in the House of Mathematics and Informatics in Lyon MMI. I have created it in 2014 and co-organized this seminar with M. Lhuissier, V. Borelli, V. Seigneur, A. Rivera, L. Mathis and B. Sevennec. The seminar is still ongoing (and there still is cake to eat!), check out their Facebook page.

May 12: Celebrating Women in Mathematics

May 12 is an international day of Celebration of Women in Mathematics that regroups initiatives all over the world. The tradition has been launched in 2019, and it has been very fun to be part of it since the start. Check out our beautiful site, and please participate in the Spring of the upcoming year, with an event in your laboratory! Here is an article telling the first year adventure of May12.

N. Agarwal, C. Araujo, P. Bonfert-Taylor, M. Mahmoudi, M. F. Ouedraogo, O. Paris- Romaskevich, M.-F. Roy, E. Strickland, A. V. Gajardo May 12: Celebrating Women in Mathematics, From One Idea to One Hundred Events, Notices of AMS, journal version (2019)

Here is a list of my preprints and publications, with when possible links to videos of talks and slides. All my math articles and preprints are on arxiv.


[A] O. Paris-Romaskevich Trees and flowers on a billiard table, rewrite in progress

[B] I. Dynnikov, P. Hubert, P. Mercat, O. Paris-Romaskevich, A. Skripchenko Novikov gasket has zero Lebesgue measure, work in progress

[C] P. Hubert, P. Mercat, O. Paris-Romaskevich Almost all minimal 4-reflections are not weakly mixing, work in progress

Published work

[10] S.Cantat, O. Paris-Romaskevich , J. Xie Free actions of large groups on complex threefolds, Bulletin of London Mathematical Society (2022), journal

[9] O. Paris-Romaskevich Tiling billiards and Dynnikov's helicoid, arxiv: 2102.10201, Transactions of the Moscow Mathematical Society, 82:1, 157-174 (2021)

[8] S.Cantat, O. Paris-Romaskevich Automorhisms of compact Kähler manifolds with slow dynamics, Transactions of American Mathematical society, journal (2020) | arxiv:2002.03615, hal-03089240

  • slides for Dynamics on your screen conference (August 2020)

[7] P. Hubert, O. Paris-Romaskevich Triangle tiling billiards and the exceptional family of their escaping trajectories: circumcenters and Rauzy gasket, Experimental Mathematics published online (2019) | arxiv:1804.00181

[6] O. Paris-Romaskevich Epicycles in the hyperbolic sky, Arnold Math J. 4(3), pp. 251-277, (2019) | arxiv: 1704.01339 | journal version | free journal version, no download

[5] Yu. Ilyashenko, O. Romaskevich Sternberg linearization theorem for skew products, Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems, Volume 22, Issue 3, pp. 595-614 (2016) | arxiv: 1505.05776 | journal version

[4] L.Bowen, A.Bufetov, O. Romaskevich, Mean convergence of Markovian spherical averages for measure-preserving actions of the free group, Geometriae Dedicata, 181 (1), 293-306, (2015) | arxiv: 1502.01797 | journal version

[3] O. Romaskevich, On the incenters of triangular orbits on elliptic billiards, L’Enseignement Mathématique (2) 60 (2014), 247–255 | arxiv: 1304.7588 | journal version

[2] A. Klimenko, O. Romaskevich , Asymptotic properties of Arnold tongues and Josephson effect, Moscow Mathematical Journal, volume 14, issue 2, pp. 367-384, (2014) | arxiv: 1305.6746 | journal version

[1] V. Kleptsyn, I. Schurov, O. Romaskevich Josephson effect and slow-fast systems (in Russian), Nanostructures. Mathematical physics and modelling, 8:1, pp. 31–46, (2013) | arxiv: 1305.6755 | journal version


Dynamics of physical systems, normal forms and Markov chains

I had a chance to work on my PhD under supervision of Étienne Ghys and Yulij Ilyashenko, between Russia and France. I have defended my thesis twice (certainly, in order to understand it better) in 2016, in Moscow and in Lyon in order to become кандидат наук and docteur en mathématiques.

Co-authors (in chronological order of collaboration)

Curriculum Vitae, short story

Séminaire de la détente mathématique


Moscow, 6th July 1990


2020 - now research scientist at CNRS and Marseille Mathematics Institute
2017 - 2019 post-doc at IRMAR at University of Rennes I
2016-2017 teaching and research assistant at UMPA at ENS de Lyon


2007-2012 mathematics and mechanics faculty of Moscow State University
2012-2016 graduate student at National Research University Higher School of Economic in Moscow and École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (working with Étienne Ghys and Yulij Ilyashenko)

Research prize

2016 L'Oréal-UNESCO prize for Women in Science


I speak and think in English, French and Russian.

For a longer version of my academic life, see a (July 2021) version of my CV in French or my LinkedIn account.

Cinema club in Lyon -- Bobines de sciences

I organise a cinema-club CinéMaths (2018-23) and soon Bobines de Sciences (2023+) as a collaboration with a House of Math and Informatics (MMI) and a cinema Comœdia. For me this ciné-club is an occasion to have an active social engagement as a scientist, and make a science a tool for democracy. To come to CinéMaths, please make a reservation (a couple of weeks before the date of the event) on the site of the cinema. Here is the list of five meetings of this year.

Programme Ciné Mathématiques 2022/2023

  • Marcher sur l'eau, samedi 8 octobre 2022, 11h Un documentaire de Aïssa Maiga sur la pénurie d'eau à Niger, réservations pour la séance sont ouvertes

  • Madame Hyde, samedi 17 décembre 2022, 11h Une comédie fantastique de Serge Bozon entre l'enseignement de la physique et la folie, avec Isabelle Huppert

  • La fièvre de particules, samedi 25 février 2023, 11h Un documentaire intense de Mark Levinson tourné dans les laboratoires de physique et au CERN quelques semaines avant la découverte du boson de Higgs, réservations pour la séance sont ouvertes

  • I am your man, samedi 18 mars 2023, 11h Une comédie dramatique (et romantique) de Maria Schrader, un essai sur ce que c'est l'amour et une vision rêveuse de ce que les neurosciences pourraient proposer au monde, séance gratuite sur inscription dans le cadre de la Semaine du cerveau

  • La bataille de l'eau noire, samedi 17 juin 2023, 11h Un film sur la résistence citoyenne dans une ville de Couvin autour d'un mouvement populaire joyeux et efficace, tourné par Benjamin Hennot

My work for movies on math (done and in progress)

Séminaire de la détente mathématique

short movie experiences

Here are some of my personal filmic experiences : Ten trees, Une grue et une abeille and Poissons du Rhône. I also did several trailers for friendly theater companies in collaboration with Bertrand Paris-Romaskevich.

Upcoming events

Here are the research conferences we can meet each other, outreach activities in which I participate, as well as some artistic projects and events. And join Cinémaths and Street math!


colorful memories


Séminaire de la détente mathématique

Matheuses is an ongoing project of a book (in French) about girls in mathematics, in collaboration with a sociologist Clémence Perronnet and a science mediator Claire Marc. The writing is in progress, CNRS Édition will publish it in February 2024.The genesis of the project. This project is born from the encounter between sociology and mathematics. From 2020 to 2023, I have been one of the organizers of a school for girls in mathematics called Cicadas in CIRM, Marseille. I was interested to answer the two questions. First, why there is a problem with girls in mathematics in France? I was sure it was not because of girls themselves. Second, can we share mathematics with girls without sharing our sexism and elitism, present in the community? I turned to Clémence Perronnet, sociologist and specialist of social and gender inequality with respect to scientific culture. With her collaborator Alice Pavie, PhD student in sociology at the time, they conducted a 2-week sociological observation study at our math school.Presentation of research project (by Clémence Perronnet). This research project aims to investigate the relationship between mathematics and society. The goal is to uncover the social processes and conditions that influence individuals' attitudes and engagement with maths and to better understand social inequalities in relation to science and mathematics. Groups such as women, people from working-class backgrounds and minorities are indeed underrepresented in scientific fields and careers. This is particularly true for women, and the recent French high school reform has exacerbated this issue, with the proportion of girls studying mathematics in high school declining significantly. The proportion of girls in high school maths suffered a 25-years set back. In 2021, one out of two girls (45%) no longer study maths in Première (which was the case for only 17% of girls in 2019).Content of the book. The book will present the findings from a sociological survey conducted during the Cigales workshop, which was the first study of high school girls experiencing the reformed high school. Our book will combine sociology, mathematics, and drawing.A book for girls. We want this book to be a resource for girls who love mathematics by making visible other girls with similar interests and questions, and providing tools for overcoming difficulties by making them explicit. Additionally, the book will introduce mathematicians and math teachers to sociological research to help them understand the key findings of social science on mathematics and science and to act for inclusion. Mathematics is not a pure and objective endeavor, it is a social activity, responsible for social inequality, that of class and gender.


  • 10 October 2022 An article describing the school Cigales is published in in the mathematical gazette (a journal of French Mathematical Society), and re-published on Images des Mathématiques, O. Paris-Romaskevich Vers une médiation en phase avec la société : réflexion autour des Cigales (2022)

  • 15 November 2022 Our project received a support prize Défi diffusion of INSMI at Assises des Mathématiques ! We will be able to pay Claire Marc for her mediation and graphics work, as well as organize two weeks of collaboration on the project.

  • December 2022 The video of the prize reception is online! You can see our (very nice :)) almost improvized speach at 2:34:30.

  • February 2023 We had a one week residence in CIRM to work on the book.

  • 5-10 June 2023 residence in Station Biologique de Roscoff to work on the book !

Séminaire de la détente mathématique

I limit my plane travel as much as I can. I am a member of No fly climate sci.
The last time I flew a plane for work was 21st September 2021 (coming back from a two month train travel mathematical outreach and feminist project about ten Russian female mathematicians).
I am very happy to come to any conference/seminar you invite me to if I can reach you by train. I am happy to take time to come to you by train.

Outreach is one of the ways to foster connection between scientific community and society, avoid misunderstandings, fight fake news. On a more personal note, outreach for me is a way to practice art while working is a scientist. There are so many reasons to do mathematical outreach! But there is one more to do inclusive mathematical outreach -- access to knowledge is everybody's right.

Mathématiques vagabondes

On the 12th May 2020 we have created with my friend Marie Lhuissier, a group Mathématiques Vagabondes. Our goal is to make art and science work together, with a particular attention to mathematics. Our main project at the moment (since 2020!) is Streetmath, drawing mathematics in the streets of Lyon!

Séminaire de la détente mathématique

Математика : portraits of 10 Russian female mathematicians

МАТЕМАТИКА was thought as a chorus of voices of ten women joining into one song of Russia and its mathematics. This project was dreamt as an impression of modern Russian mathematics in many of its different aspects. Initially the project was planned as an exhibition to be presented at the World Meeting for Women in Mathematics, satellite of ICM2022. The project has been frozen since 24 February 2022 (see the statement on our site). Although, the in-detail blog telling the story of a trip through Russia that we made to prepare the exhibition is there for you to read. I hope to come back to this project one day. This is a joint project with a photographer Bertrand Paris-Romaskevich.

Mathematics of the sky

With my PhD sister Marie Lhuissier and my PhD brother Valentin Seigneur, we have created a website to share mathematics around planetary motion. This site has received a coup de coeur of Prix D'Alembert jury in 2018. Three of us have also written the texts for Mathematical Calendar 2021, under direction of Ana Rechtman, in the spirit of the mathematics of the sky. At the moment, the site is under maintenance but we will recover it !


I have been acting since 2016. It all started with improv theater, continued with clowning, and then with text theater, with a particular interest in the "Stanislavsky school".

Séminaire de la détente mathématique
  • Starting from the text of Moira Chas, we have created with Marie Lhuissier and Valentin Seigneur, a theater play Letters from the forth dimension, about a mathematician Alicia Boole, her work on regular polytopes of dimension 4, her relationship with her sister Lucy and life in Victorian England for a woman of her talent and ambition.

  • Recently, I had an occasion to explore some clowning with mathematicians at Diablerets Outreach Conference (October 2022).

Conferences and performances

I like to explore different forms of mathematical storytelling, here are some eclectic projects I did, all of them somewhere on (one of the) borders between a math talk and a theater performance. I am open to opportunities that will challenge me to create new formats of mathematical storytelling.

(not too much lost in) Translation

I did translate into French a book without words... by Arseniy Akopyan. This book is called Figures sans paroles and is an ode to plane geometry. It is accessible at Amazon for now, and we are happy it exists in this way already! Although we hope to find an editing house in France to help us edit this book better.